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Finders Keepers.

Your Jpop Haven

Jpop Haven
There are many Japanese who are making their mark in the world's top soccer league, Major league baseball, art, movies, music and architecture etc...Has there ever been a time when so many Japanese have made such positive impact in the world at one time? Nowadays, Japan is experiencing tough times. People seem to have lost their energy. However, this is a truly amazing time for Japanese culture. Don't you feel good to be living as a Japanese in such a wonderful age? We hope someday, with you, we will be able to walk tall and play a positive role too. So come along with us!
The slogan is - MADE IN JAPAN = [ MIJ]

Text taken from MIJ album of SMAP.

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Thus, I'm selling some DVD concerts, pre-owned CD's, phonestraps, doujinshi, key chains, anime figures, Shitajikis (board fan), trading cards, photobooks, calendars, etc.

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