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[PREORDER] Hey! Say! JUMP 「ありがとう」 ~世界のどこにいても~ WINTER CONCERT 2010~2011 concert goods

We are now accepting preorders of official goods for this event.

Poster (1 types: Group only) - Php 850 pesos **exclusive for MM and meet up buyers only
Mini Uchiwa (10 types: One per member) - Php 350 each
Heart Ring Memo - Php 550 each
Penlight - Php 1200 each
Clearfile (1 type: Group only) - Php 600 each
Phone Strap - Php 1500 each
Original Photoset (10 types: One set per Member) - Php 600 pesos

Deadline of preorder: December 31, 2010 (5pm)

Estimated arrival: TBA

Before placing an order, kindly read this info.

Post your orders in this format: (Don’t pm, email it instead if you are not comfortable to post it here)

Full Name and username (s): Katya Imai (amane_nakashima @LJ/jpophaven@Multiply)
Location: Sucat, Paranaque City (Philippines)
Email Add: jpophaven@gmail.com
Contact Number(if within Philippines) : 0915-9053627
     1 Mini Uchiwa - Ryutaro Morimoto
     1 Phone strap
     1 Poster
     1 Original Photoset - Ryutaro Morimoto
     1 Penlight

To those who wish to email their orders, pls email it to jpophaven@gmail.com and put “Goods: HSJ - Arigatou” as a subject. You will receive a confirmation from me once i read your email. 



how will I pay for this in case i place an order?
i accept payment thru gcash, bank deposit to banco de oro or western union
hi. do i have to pay the full amount or do you accept downpayments until the goods arrive in the phils?
you need to pay 50%percent of you total order first as downpayment. you can pay the downpayment til january 3.

the remaining balance (plus shipping fee) will be settle once the items are already here with me. you need to settle the final payment before i shipped, i applicable, the items to you.

if you within metro manila and prefer to claim your items thru meet during my distribution, no shipping fee to be paid.

if you within Metro Manila and prefers to received the items thru mail, you will pay additional shipping fee from your total cost of items ordered. if you live outside Metro Manila and i need to ship the items to you, you will additional shipping fee too.

thanks thanks!