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[PREORDER] Johnny's Countdown 2010-2011 concert goods

We are now accepting preorders for this event.

Since no official list is out and no word whether it's gonna be group or individual uchiwa for the countdown, we decided to set up two options just to be safe. And for the meantime, we'll be only accepting orders for "UCHIWA".

Jumbo Uchiwa - Php 700 each

Option 1: If uchiwa will be per member
Option 2: If uchiwa will be per group

Choose from groups/members of: TOKIO, V6, KinKi Kids, Arashi, Tackey & Tsubasa, NEWS, Kat-tun and Hey Say Jump. (Kanjani8 will not be included because they will not be in Tokyo Dome)

Deadline of preorder: December 30, 2010 (5pm)

Estimated arrival: TBA

Before placing an order, kindly read this info.

Post your orders in this format: (Don’t pm, email it instead if you are not comfortable to post it here)

Full Name and username (s): Katya Imai (amane_nakashima @LJ/jpophaven@Multiply)
Location: Sucat, Paranaque City (Philippines)
Email Add: jpophaven@gmail.com
Contact Number(if within Philippines) : 0915-9053627

     Option 1: If per member
     1 Ryutaro Morimoto
     1 Masuda Takahisa
     1 Morita Go
     1 Sakurai Sho
    Option 2: If per group
     1 NEWS
     1 Arashi
     1 V6

To those who wish to email their orders, pls email it to jpophaven@gmail.com and put “Goods: Johnny's Countdown - 10-11” as a subject. You will receive a confirmation from me once i read your email.