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[CLOSED] Kanjani8 LIVE TOUR 2010→ 2011 ∞UPPERS concert goods

We are now accepting preorders of official goods for this event.


Pamphlet - Php 1700

Clearfile (8 types: Group or Invididual) - Php 600 each

Original Photoset (8 types: Group or Individual) - Php 600 pesos

T Shirt (Size: Small or Medium) - Php 1900

Magic Band - Php 550

Playing Cards - Php 700

Hairtie (Shushu) - Php 700

Jumbo Uchiwa (7 types: 1 uchiwa per member) - Php 700

Poster (8 types: Group or Individual) - Php 850 pesos **exclusive for MM and meet up buyers only

Original Penlight - Php 1100 pesos

Shopping Bag - Php 900 pesos

Cellphone Strap - Php 1000

Coaster with message - Php 700



Deadline of preorder: December 15, 2010 (5pm) (Wednesday)

Estimated arrival: January 2011



Before placing an order, kindly read this info.


Post your orders in this format: (Don’t pm, email it instead if you are not comfortable to post it here)


Full Name and username (s): Katya Imai (amane_nakashima @LJ/jpophaven@Multiply)

Location: Sucat, Paranaque City (Philippines)

Email Add: jpophaven@gmail.com

Contact Number(if within Philippines) : 0915-9053627


     1 T Shirt (Small)

     1 Pamphlet

     1 Poster - Ryo Nishikdo

     1 Original Photoset - Ryo Nishikido

     1 Cellphone strap

     1 Coaster with message

     1 Shopping Bag



To those who wish to email their orders, pls email it to jpophaven@gmail.com and put “Goods: K8 - 8Uppers” as a subject. You will receive a confirmation from me once i read your email.



ate kat have you received and read my email?


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