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[SERVICE] Fan Club Membership Registration (to any FC in Japan) - ON HOLD


Jpop Haven now offers fan club membership service. This is one of the 2010 improvements for the site.

For those who wish to an official member of any fan club in Japan, this is your chance.

Here is the partial list and charge  (per year) for the registration of their FC.


Arashi - P 3,410 pesos

Ayumi Hamasaki - P 3,960 pesos

BIGBANG -  P 3,960 pesos

FT Island - P 2,860 pesos

Kat-tun, NEWS and Kanjani8 - P 3,410 pesos

Hey! Say! Jump - P 3,410 pesos

L'Arc~en Ciel - P 3,850 pesos

SS501 - P 3,685 pesos

Tohoshinki - P 2,860 pesos


If you are interested with other fan club not mentioned above, just inquire and we'll find out how much will it cost.


*Cost stated above includes membership fee for one year, service charge and bank charges.

* There will be separate charge for shipping bulletins and stuff sent from the fan club to members.

*Balloting of concert/event tickets for the fc members is another service and will be charged separately.

*FC process membership application from one to two months. Sometimes faster during concert seasons.

*No payment, no processing of application. Payment should be deposit to my Banco De Oro account.

*The membership ID will be under the name of the fan who applied for the fc.

*Application will be sent in batches to maximize the time in going to post office.


If you have further question, don't hesitate to ask.


Ready to be an official member? Email me at jpophaven@gmail.com. Use "FC: artist" as subject. Sample; "FC: Arashi". Pls include the following details:



Date of Birth:

Complete Address (with zip code):

Full Name (no alias, pls):



Contact Number:

Email Address:

Username (LJ/Multiply):



A japanese address is required to be a fanclub member, right? In that case, whose address will I be using/'borrowing' if ever I decide to be a fanclub member? :) Does it also mean all fanclub booklets, etc. will be sent from that address? Or will they be sent from a Philippine address?

Thanks! :)
the address of my partner in japan will be used.

fc only sends bulletins etc to a japanese address.

as i have have stated..the 3410 fee will be for the application of membership only.

sending any bulletins etc to you will be charge separately.
whatever stuff my partner receives from the fc will be sent to me. i will be the one who will ship them to the fan who applied for that membership.
Thanks! And will the shipping charges also include the amount spent for shipping from Japan to the Philippines?
it will include shipping to me. but we if you living Metro Manila and can meet me personally, you will not to pay shipping from me to you.
although I've heard of the FC sending bulletins to the members, what other things do they send aside from this?
bulletins are the most common item they send. you'll have your membership identification as well.

sometimes, they send handwritten messages to fans.

there are times..gifts like what arashi did for their 10th year anniv.
Hi, is it possible to pay you in concealed cash at no risk to you? My paypal account is currently low on funds. Thankss
eerr. as much as possible, i dont encourage concealed cash since it's too risky.

could you try via western union instead?

hi i just wanna ask if we would be able to access ung jweb & the membership would be on who's name? may deadline ba ung membership? ung fc pamphlets how often nagpapadala? thanks! sorry i have too many questions

ang jweb po ay sa mobile phone po yun.

yung membership po ay ipapangalan sa fan na magpapamember,

wala pong deadline.

with regards to fc bulletins, it depends on the fc mismo. my partner said di daw sya quarterly.

kung may tanong ka pa...ask lang.

we are having issues with FC registration sa je_sales, so we'll finalize pa if will push thru with the service. we might offer basic registration na lang siguro.

What's the difference with just the basic registration & from what you are offering now? What are the items that will not be included? Arigatou :)
if my contact and i will push thru, we'll only offer to apply a fan for a membership registration and the mailing the fc bulletins or items stuff sent by fc to club members only.

since balloting is causing issues, we'll not offer that service anymore.

that's it.

neechan arigato! ^_^
pa-update nalang po ako.. pati po pag balloting if ever.. baka jumackpot kung kelan may pera ako. hehehhee. :D
konbanwa! when are you going to resume accepting new memberships? arigatou :)
i live in united states and do you accept paypal?
and i want to know how much is the fee for the membership of namie amuro's fc in us dollar plz
thank you :)
Hi ate Kat! Sana matuloy niyo po tong service na to.

If ever, someday, I really want to be a FC member of ayumi hamasaki and GACKT.

I think TeamAYU sends magazines.

*starts saving money for application*:)
how bout with U-kiss? :)) how much would it cost?